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Physical therapy is an important step in your road to recover from an injury. It can also improve mobility for patients suffering from a degenerative condition or disability. Physical therapy intervention focuses on posture, locomotion, strength, endurance, cardiopulmonary function, balance, coordination, joint mobility, flexibility, pain control and activities of daily living.

Whether it’s an orthopedic or sports injury or a musculoskeletal problem, the Ortho Central team offers decades of cumulative experience, the highest level of quality care, and compassionate treatment.

Physical therapy may be the only treatment needed, or your surgeon may prescribe it to rebuild movement and strength following a surgical procedure. Every treatment program is based on orthopedic or neurological findings that may include but are not limited to:

  • Back and/or neck conditions
  • Muscle strains and/or ligamentous sprains
  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Fractures and/or dislocations
  • Repetitive and/or overuse injuries
  • Neurological conditions

From the initial consultation to the final visit, our therapists will continually evaluate the patient’s capabilities and physical status to determine the most appropriate treatment at that point in the rehabilitation process. They’ll not only oversee the therapy program but also make sure the patient understands it, taking the time to explain what is being done and why.

Our physical therapists are:

  • Jimmy Robinson, PT

Jimmy chose to be a physical therapist because of his background as a college athlete and coach, and physical therapy combines his past experience with his love for science. He said he loves working with sports medicine and orthopedic patients of all ages. Jimmy’s goal is injury prevention. Ortho Central has injury prevention protocols for rehabilitation and a test in place to determine if an athlete is ready to return to his or her sport.

Jimmy enjoys sports, strength training, fitness and nutrition. His wife, Kim Robinson, is also a physical therapist and they have three children together.

  • Kim Robinson, PT, CLT

  • Shandra Oyler, DPT

Shandra became a physical therapist because she wanted to help people get back to living their lives in a way they desire, live more pain free, and function in a more optimal way. Shandra enjoys treating anyone and everyone because she said “every person has a story to tell.”

Her area of focus is sports medicine because since she was three years old, she has been involved in some kind of sport and she loves to help people return to their active lifestyles and enhance their abilities as an athlete at any level.

Shandra enjoys spending time with family and friends, being involved in her church, and running.

  • Corinne Gil, PT

  • Daphne Hester, PTA

Daphne said she decided to become a physical therapist assistant because she’s been interested in health, fitness and wellness most of her life. She likes to treat orthopedic patients, athletes or non-athletes, of all ages because she said she cares about people and their well-being, and wants to help them have a better quality of life.

Daphne enjoys bike riding, running, weightlifting, hiking, spending time with her family, and watching sports, especially gymnastics, football and basketball. She also enjoys reading Christian books and watching action movies or TV shows.

  • Amiee Pinkerton, PTA

Amiee played sports growing up and dealt with injuries so she chose to become a physical therapist assistant so she could help athletes get back to their game. Amiee is still big into sports. That’s why Amiee especially likes to treat athletes, but likes treating anyone who wants to get to better.

To schedule an appointment for Ortho Central’s Physical Therapy, call 405-515-8080. The Ortho Central Physical Therapy office is located in West Norman Professional Building 3400 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 103, Norman, OK 73072.

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3400 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 103
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